Next-Generation Data Centres for Dummies

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Managing the vast increases in business data and new thinking on data centre design

The business world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Enterprise mobility is altering work habits dramatically, giving new people in new places using new devices the need to tap into the data centre at all times of the day. Data volumes are massive and evolving, as are the ways your team needs to analyse data. Perhaps most important, the value you can derive from that data is increasing exponentially. It’s time to move your data centre into the future, taking advantage of solutions that include the cloud.

In this Dummies Guide you will find:

  • An overview of the pressures on data centres
  • The lowdown on transforming your IT delivery
  • Warnings on potential pitfalls – and how to overcome them
  • Take-away points on next-generation data centre design

Foolish Assumptions

Before completing the form on the right to access this Dummies Guide, note that we’ve prepared this book thinking:

  • You are an operational or IT leader in an organisation that relies heavily on the data centre
  • You recognise that there’s a better way of storing, securing, accessing, and analysing that data
  • You could benefit from some basic discussion of cloud solutions, virtualisation and other important concepts

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